Care Instructions

Gold: Clean regularly using soapy, lukewarm water or by bringing it to a local jeweler. Store away from other metals, wrapped in a soft cloth.

Gold Plated: Do not sleep with jewelry as skin oils and linens can cause damage. Store separately or with other gold jewelry. Clean using a damp cloth or simple sudsy water.

Sterling Silver: Use a silver cleaning cloth or a cleaning agent that has a sulfur base. If the surface becomes scratched, take your jewelry to a professional jeweler for polishing.

Brass: Use a jewelry polishing cloth to clean flat surfaces and restore shine. Brass can also be gently washed in soapy water.

Diamonds: To clean, soak diamond jewelry in an ammonia-based household cleaner and brush with a soft, clean toothbrush.

Leather: Wipe leather clean with a soft, damp cloth. A leather protector spray is also recommended.